Thursday, November 18, 2010

Self Glorification

I have been hard at work trying to get my self description for my online dating antics in order. This is the result of my labor:

"I am an extremely passionate guy, hard-working, educated, and adventurous. Travel is the love of my life and I have an insatiable case of wanderlust. I have too many interests for my own good, but I think diversity is the spice of life. I am a college football fanatic, a travel junkie, and a big movie buff.

I drink inordinate amounts of Diet Coke. I laugh all the time and loudly, even at mediocre jokes.

My friends might say I'm compassionate, goofy, loud, and always hungry. My colleagues might say I'm focused, hard-working, and ambitious.

I have an extremely dirty sense of humor and have seriously over-used "that's what she said."

Off the top of my head: I like trying new things. I enjoy outdoor activities and sports. I love food. I like to cook. If you cook for me, I'll think it's romantic. I like bad horror films. I enjoy camping and road trips. I want a dog. I love making out. I'm actually a really nice guy. I have a huge insane family. I have an old soul. I like wine and jacuzzis. Even though I love LA, I'm a southern boy at heart. I believe in love, karma, and astrology. I'm a little competitive. Did I mention I love food? Hit me up."

Now you tell me, who wouldn't want to tap this?



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